Shawnigan Village Waterworks

P.O. Box 369
Shawnigan Lake, BC 
V0R 2W0

Ph:  250-743-4091
Fx:  250-743-4021

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have no water?  -   Scheduled water interruptions will be posted on this website.  Please call our office immediately as this usually indicates a problem on the system.

My water tastes like chlorine? – Chlorine is necessary to avoid contamination.  If chlorine seems stronger than usual there are a few actions you can try on your own.  Try placing a container of drinking water in the refrigerator and see if the chlorine dissipates.  Check the filters on your taps, have they been cleaned lately?   If they are dirty the chlorine reacts with the contaminants giving off a strong odour.

How can I pay my bill? –   Telephone or online banking, mail it in to P.O. Box 369, Shawnigan Lake , B.C. V0R  2W0

Are there any water restrictions? –To date no restrictions have been enforced.  Moderate usage during the hotter/dryer months helps prevent restrictions.

My Consumption seems too high? - Make sure everything is turned off.  Check for dripping water from the taps and toilets.   A good indication is a hissing sound.    A leaking toilet can waste more than 400 litres of water each day and may not be obvious.  If nothing is detected, try outside. Check for signs of water near the meter box located at the property line.  Remove the lid to the meter box and notice if the black or red arrow is spinning.  If it is, water is running somewhere.  Return inside and locate the shutoff valve.  Once it has been shut off return to the meter box.  If the meter is still moving then there is a leak and you will need to call the plumber.  If this happens please call our office @ 250-743-4091.